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  • © FOUR PAWS | 2015
  • © FOUR PAWS | 2015
  • FOUR PAWS rescued Bulgaria's last circus tiger!
    Varvara explores her new enclosure.
  • Rapid response mission Myanmar:
    FOUR PAWS provided help for more than 21,600 animals in flooded area.
  • Time for an airline #eggcheck!
    Are cage eggs hidden in your in-flight menu?


    Today is World Rabies Day!
    FOUR PAWS is warning against buying dogs from dubious sources, as puppies illegally imported from Eastern Europe, who have not been vaccinated, could reintroduce rabies.
  • © FOUR PAWS | Mihai Vasile
    Goodbye, Coda!
    Sad news from LIONSROCK, the Bengal tiger, was 10 years old when he died unexpected from a rare condition. RIP Coda, you will be missed!
  • © FOUR PAWS | Do Hung
    FOUR PAWS opens new bear enclosure
    Six of the 15 bears moved into the new enclosure at the Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Centre Soc Son on a total of 1,000 square meters of outdoor area.
    FOUR PAWS operation in Myanmar
    The devastating cyclone ‘Komen’ has laid waste large areas of Myanmar. Rapid response for thousands of farm animals.

FOUR PAWS Video of the week

  • © FOUR PAWS / Desislav Chervenkov
    Donate for a bear!
    FOUR PAWS rescues bears used for bear dancing, bear baiting, as well as many from run-down zoos, circuses.
  • © FOUR PAWS l Mihai Vasile
    Donate for a big cat!
    FOUR PAWS rescues big cats from terrible situations and re-homes them at our South African sanctuary, LIONSROCK.
  • © FOUR PAWS | Mihai Vasile
    Donate for an orangutan!
    With your continued support can we rescue and provide a haven for orangutans to learn the skills needed for their life of freedom.
  • © FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev
    Donate for a stray!
    The life of a stray dog is not an easy one - plighted by disease and lack of food, these animals can suffer greatly.
  • © FOUR PAWS l Mihai Vasile
    Donate for a horse!
    In many European countries, horses are still used in agriculture and for the transportation of goods.


Illegal Puppy Trade

  • Illegal puppy trade
    The illegal trade with puppies is booming online. If you have made any negative experiences with illegal puppy traders, share it with us and help us stop this cruel business!
  • Checklist: Buy a puppy!
    If you are interested in bringing a new puppy into your life, please follow the FOUR PAWS checklist closely. Together, we can put an end to the illegal puppy trade.