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At FOUR PAWS, we are happy that so many people decide to be part of the strong, global and independent voice for animals and want to help us to come another step closer to our vision – a world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding.


It is an enrichment for the organization to be able to welcome new employees every year. They place but also learn new ideas, valuable experiences and additional know how.

Each of our employees is very motivated and lives for the organization’s vision, whether they work in a strategic or an operational unit, whether they have a fixed-term or a permanent contract.


Many employees in our teams see the work at FOUR PAWS as a step in their career in which they can gain highly valuable and unique experiences. Our organization is glad and proud to accompany this individual special period of life cycle and develops and sustains a strong relationship to them, even if the employment is limited. 


Be part of the strong, global and independent voice for animals and help us to come another step closer to the FOUR PAWS vision. 

Here you can find your opportunities to collaborate with our team: 


Since we are developing really fast in the sense of internal career planning, it often occurs that vacancies are published several times within a short time. 

Do you want to contribute your education or your professional experience in another position within our organization?


Or do you want to gain your first impressions as a trainee or support us as a volunteer?

Then, we invite you to send your application via e-Mail to