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FOUR PAWS rescues last dancing bear in Ukraine


Then: Kristina as dancing bear in Ukraine.
© FOUR PAWS | Albina Yermakova

Kristina was the last dancing bear in Ukraine. Her owner kept her in terrible conditions and paraded her in travelling circuses and restaurants for years. But that is all over now. Last week, Kristina was due to make an appearance in Ivano Frankove in Western Ukraine, near the town of Lviv, but moments before it began, Ukrainian authorities confiscated her in the presence of international animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS. The confiscation was preceded by hour-long negotiations with Kristina’s uncooperative owner, and in the end, police and environmental inspectors had to intervene and seize the bear. FOUR PAWS immediately brought Kristina to the newly-built BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr near Lviv, where she can now recover and find some peace and quiet. However, it is yet to be decided in court whether she can remain there as the confiscation is only temporarily valid. We are confident, though, that the authorities will decide in favour of Kristina. 


Now: Kristina in her new outdoor enclosure at BEAR SANCTUARY Domazyhr.
© FOUR PAWS | 2017