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FOUR PAWS reveals: Why bears in Albania are still suffering


The situation for captive bears in Albania is still critical. Recent research conducted by the international animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS documents new, serious cases. "It is always shocking to see how bears are treated here. For example, in the popular hotel 'Thethi Paradise' in Theth in Northern Albania, two bear cubs are used to entertain tourists. It must be assumed that the bears did not just appear at the hotel owners’ doorstep, but were illegally removed from the wild," explained FOUR PAWS wild animal expert Thomas Pietsch. When the two male cubs are not used for entertainment purposes, they normally live in a small, barren shed. A similarly drastic situation is that of a young bear that appeared recently in the music video of a famous Albanian artist called Mozzik. "A tragic fate is behind every sweet young bear. We assume that his mother was poached, and that the little bear has to live in species-inappropriate conditions now," Pietsch continued.


The suffering of these three bears is by no means isolated. Although 22 bears were saved in Albania last year, FOUR PAWS estimates that around 20 bears are still held in similarly bad conditions. "Sadly, an end to the suffering is not yet in sight. The supply of young bears continues unabated. Only strict and consistent penalties for poachers, traders and owners will solve this issue," Pietsch commented.

In order to protect the bears in Albania sustainably, FOUR PAWS calls on the new government to introduce a clear legal prohibition on cruel keeping and to consistently enforce existing laws for the protection of bears in nature and captivity. In addition, the construction of a state-owned bear sanctuary is demanded.

Sign our petition and call on the Albanian governement to end the cruelty now: