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Romania votes for a ban of wild animals in circuses


The Romanian Parliamanet will vote for a ban of wild animals in circus. Yesterday, the Deputies Chamber adopted changes in the existing animal welfare law, which prohibits the usage of most animal species in circus shows. Romania becomes the 22nd European country that adopts measures to ban or at least restrict wild animal circus shows. Only horses, dogs and specific birds are still allowed, such as dolphinariums and aquariums. 


© FOUR PAWS | Mihai Vasile

FOUR PAWS campaign "Stop it: No wild animals in circuses!" succeeded

Almost nine years ago, FOUR PAWS launched the first public initiative against wild animals in Romania. "After years of intensive campaigning we applaud the Parliament, engaged citizens, animal welfareists, public personalities and all initiators who made this ban possible", says FOUR PAWS Project Manager in Romania, Kuki Barbuceanu.