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FOUR PAWS Press Releases 2015


FOUR PAWS Press Releases 2014




Non-kept dogs and cats’ are NOT wild animals!

11/12/2014     Warm & clean: FOUR PAWS launches information tool about brands efforts to avoid down  from animal suffering
04/12/2014     #SaveKimi : Protest in front of Finnish fur farm


28/11/2014     Lidl makes a strong stand against fur
27/11/2014     Dogs for People: FOUR PAWS stray dog project bringts comfort to senior citizens in Romania
14/11/2014     VIER PFOTEN gewinnt zweiten Platz beim "Internationalen PR-Bild Award" 
05/11/2014     FOUR PAWS gives injured cheetah a new home


30/10/2014     Day Zero: Kimi’s fate uncertain from today
22/10/2014     FOUR PAWS campaign #SaveKimi: animal lovers offer more money for a living fox than for a fur coat!
10/10/2014     FOUR PAWS sounds the alarm: Fox cub Kimi has just a few weeks to live
06/10/2014     “When I grow up, I’m going to be a fur collar”


30/09/2014     FOUR PAWS launches large-scale neutering campaign for dogs around Bucharest
29/09/2014     Kosovo: official opening of FOUR PAWS BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina
20/09/2014     Emergency operations, medical supplies, and food and water at last: FOUR PAWS cares for animals in a zoo in Gaza
14/09/2014     Cry for help from Gaza: FOUR PAWS takes care of animals from bombed-out zoo
12/09/2014     Roadblock to stop transport of illegally-killed dogs near Bucharest
01/09/2014     Official report shows Romanian child not killed by stray dogs


20/08/2014     Premium animal cruelty hidden in premium buffalo mozzarella
19/08/2014     A life of freedom for Ema, Oska and Ron
12/08/2014     The North Face announces switch to animal-friendly down products by 2017
07/08/2014     FOUR PAWS asked by Bulgarian authorities to help in flood relief
05/08/2014     First municipality in Romania to have all of its dogs neutered and registered





A roaring success as six rescued lions settle into their new lives in South Africa



Shocking video reveals appalling conditions in Romanian dog shelters



Tigress travels from Italy to Germany 


Finally in Africa: FOUR PAWS brings lions from Dutch rescue centre to LIONSROCK




Court decision makes killing of stray dogs in Romania illegal


Bucharest Court of Appeal suspends the application norms of the stray dogs killing law


Three Serbian bear cubs brought to BEAR ORPHAN STATION Harghita


150 tonnes of food for animals in distress in Serbia and Bosnia

06/05/2014     First “round table” on animal welfare in the down and feather industry


27/05/2014     Balkans floods: FOUR PAWS disaster relief mission is well received 



FOUR PAWS disaster relief team in the Balkans: Care for animals secures sustainability for people


Floods disaster in the Balkans: FOUR PAWS disaster relief team helps farm and companion animals in need


Poll reveals majority of Romanians are against killing of stray dogs


First stray dog to become assistance dog for disabled person


EBRD Sets Milestone for Animal Welfare: Adopts Rules to Stop Financing Extreme Confinement of Farm Animals


Health check-up in FOUR PAWS BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina




Romanian animal protection authority ASPA facing criminal prosecution


FOUR PAWS Tips: Cleaning without animal suffering – made easy


Nastia and Bodia can be together


New EU Animal Health Law – FOUR PAWS welcomes marking steps towards more welfare for all companion animals including strays


Lucky Shah – The Little Shepherd With Nine Lives

03/04/2014     Bulgarian zoo refuses to hand over illegally-held bears


26/03/2014     Poland: Animal suffering at folk festival
25/03/2014     17 of 18 abused dogs are rescued
24/03/2014     Massacre in FOUR PAWS clinic in Bucharest
20/03/2014     Three bear cubs seized in Kosovo
17/03/2014     FOUR PAWS: Help for strays in Baltic states
11/03/2014     Killing of stray dogs season in Romania has officially started
06/03/2014     FOUR PAWS Milestone: Puppy traders get prison sentence for animal abuse for first time
04/03/2014     FOUR PAWS in Ukraine: Emergency help for the ousted president’s five bears


27/02/2014     Viktor Janukowitsch leaves five bears behind
26/02/2014     Half-time for the FOUR PAWS birth control program for the wild horses in the Danube Delta
18/02/2014     Not for faint-hearted keepers: Bear cub Bodia in FOUR PAWS Bear Rescue Centre Nadiya
17/02/2014     London Fashion Week: FOUR PAWS protests against the use of fur by Burberry
11/02/2014     FOUR PAWS exposé: At Burberry, quality fur is all fluff



FOUR PAWS welcomes EU Commission firm steps on better pig farming

23/01/2014     Top outdoor brands commit to quit using down from animal cruelty
13/01/2014     No fair play here: A hunt in Romania is becoming a sorry tradition

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