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Bears in Croatia


Opening of the new enclosure at Kuterevo Bear Refuge


Thanks to the cooperation with FOUR PAWS, the refuge can now offer a new, species-appropriate home to bears from poor keeping conditions in zoos or private keeping. 

After years of living behind bars bear Mirna enjoys the nature in the new large enclosure.
© FOUR PAWS | Chris Flechtner

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FOUR PAWS is working to improve the welfare of bears in Croatia!


Many bears are still kept in inappropriate conditions in zoos or even in private keeping. Our bear experts frequently visit Croatia to assess the situation there, and act where needed. Since September 2014, FOUR PAWS has signed an cooperation agreement with the Bear Refuge Kuterevo in Croatia's Velebit hills. FOUR PAWS will help the refuge build new enclosures to accomodate bears from poor keeping conditions. Two bears from the municipal zoo of Split will move into their new species-appropriate enclosures in spring 2015. 

Still there are bears living in very poor keeping conditions in zoos or even private hands.

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