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Disaster Relief Bulgaria

Local farmers were thankful for the help of FOUR PAWS.
© FOUR PAWS | Yavor Gechev

Floods in Bulgaria: FOUR PAWS on site to help animals in need

After the Balkan region was hit by disastrous floods in May, Bulgaria also suffered bad damage after weeks of rain. Especially the province "Veliko Tarnovo" has been hit severly by the water and partly flooded. Since the weekend, our FOUR PAWS disaster relief team is on site to help farm and pet animals in need and provide them with urgently needed food. 

In some areas the water rose to 2 m in just several minutes.
© FOUR PAWS | Yavor Gechev

No financial support for affected farmers by Bulgarian government

There will be no financial support for famers, who lost animals or fodder by the Bulgarian government. Therefore the FOUR PAWS disaster relief mission is even more important, because food is needed urgently in affected regions. 


 8 tons of food for farm and companion animals 

The FOUR PAWS disaster relief team distributed 8 tons of food for farm and pet animals in the town of Debelets (province of Veliko Tarnovo), which has been severly hit by the floods. Moreover, we visited the remote village of Shodekovtsi in the mountains, which has been cut off after a landslide destroyed parts of the road. The farmers there were thankful for our support. 

First aid in severly hit cities of Kilifarevo and Debelets

Fortunately, there were no human victims, but the number of dead animals reached several hunderd – in one farm only more than 300 pigs and piglets were drowned. Those animals which have survived, are in urgent need of food. Therefor a FOUR PAWS disaster relief team has been sent on site to help farmers with food supplies in the severly damaged cities of Kilifarevo and Debelets.


 We'll keep you updated with further information about our disaster relief mission in Bulgaria!