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Will you help 50,000 dogs and cats?


 Puppy Yan Bo was just vaccinated against rabies.


One of the deadliest diseases in Myanmar, rabies kills more than 1,000 people every year in the country, inflicting unimaginable suffering on its victims, both humans and animals. Sadly, authorities often kill dogs because of the threat and fear of this disease – even though rabies is 100% preventable by vaccination.


By vaccinating puppies like Yan Bo, we aim to stop the unnecessary killing of dogs and protect people from infectious bites.


Working in the intense heat and humidity, our team is currently in Myanmar where we plan to vaccinate 50,000 dogs against the disease, taking steps to eradicate all rabies-related deaths in the country by 2030. 


But we can't do this alone. Will you help us reach more dogs like Yan Bo? 


Your gift could support our work in Myanmar and help animals around the world.