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Dan - the horse with the broken jaw



In May, a horse owner from Topoloveni, Romania contacted our Horse Team after his 18-year-old horse “Dan” fell into a ditch and broke his Mandibula (part of the lower jaw). The injury was extremely painful and the horse soon stopped eating as a result. While some owners might have considered euthanization as a “solution” to end Dan’s suffering, this was not an option for the family’s beloved horse. The owner reached out to FOUR PAWS to find a way to help Dan; he would cover the costs.


VIER PFOTEN found a vet to care for Dan who then was brought to Bucharest for surgery. The medical staff anaesthetized the horse and surgically fastened his broken jaw together with a metal plate and screws. The operation was a success and Dan was able to eat the next day! In a few months, Dan will undergo a second operation to take out the metal plate.