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FOUR PAWS neutered 155 stray animals in the city of Vidin


A long-term agreement for cooperation was reached between the organization and the municipal government

© FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev

The two-week neutering campaign organized by FOUR PAWS in the city of Vidin, Bulgaria, successfully treated a number of animals estimated around 155 – 146 dogs and 9 cats. The animal welfare organization team, which consisted of one veterinarian, two assistants and two catchers of animals, was in the city upon the invitation of the municipality. The campaign itself was accomplished thanks to the support of a private donor. 

© FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev

This was the fourth such campaign of FOUR PAWS in the city of Vidin. Since 200,  the total number of neutered animals is 1132 – 956 dogs and 176 cats. Of the 150- 165 animals treated on this last visit, the vast majority were stray animals and semi-stray or “yard” animals. According to Dr. Marina Ivanova, the director of the Bulgarian office of FOUR PAWS, the owners of pet dogs and cats are the leading source of the emerging stray animals issue, and, in order to permanently reduce the population in the municipality, FOUR PAWS must actively work in cooperation with the animal owners. At a meeting between the Mayor of Vidin, Mr. Ognyan Tsenkov and Dr. Ivanova, a long-term agreement was reached which included a census of stray dogs and cats that will be conducted in the spring of next year. The results of the last such census carried out in 2014 revealed the presence of 495 stray dogs and 532 cats, which means that there is one stray dog for every 118 inhabitant of Vidin. 

© FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev

FOUR PAWS are explicit on the point that the only way to reduce the number of abandoned dogs and cats is limiting the unwanted breeding by neutering the animals and control on the owners. The specialists of FOUR PAWS are worried since early next year, the grace period during which every dog owner has to legally identify his or her pet with a microchip, will expire. The veterinarian microchipping the dogs enter the data in the system of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency. The identification and registration of pet dogs is the way to find the owners of lost and abandoned animals. 

© FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev

As part of the initiatives to promote responsible and humane ways of animal care in Vidin, representatives of FOUR PAWS handed diplomas and gifts to the students from 5th grade in the primary school “Bishop Sophronius of Vratsa“ that were involved in the project of the organization called children learn to protect animals. During the upcoming years, the school will continue its participation in the project with 15 new children – this time 1st graders.

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