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FOUR PAWS launches large-scale neutering campaign for dogs around Bucharest


Last weekend FOUR PAWS officially launched a big campaign to neuter dogs, both with and without owners, in the municipalities around the Romanian capital Bucharest, in order to reduce the alarming rate of abandonments and help manage stray dog reproduction.

For six months FOUR PAWS will offer free neutering for the Romanian dog owners.
© FOUR PAWS | Tibor Rauch

FOUR PAWS neutering project starts in Pantelimon

The neutering project started in the small city Pantelimon, near Bucharest, where a neutering clinic was inaugurated by Maximilian Dragan, the Director of the Official Control Department at the National Veterinarian Authority  (ANSVSA), Vicentiu Voicu, Director in the City Hall of Pantelimon, and the German model Alena Gerber, a well known animal lover. The project will last for six months and it will be followed by projects in other municipalities around Bucharest. FOUR PAWS will neuter, vaccinate, microchip and register the animals for free and in return has secured a written agreement from local authorities in Pantelimon, stating that dogs must not be killed in the city.

Mixed-breed dogs with owners need to be neutered starting 2015

In January 2015 a new law will come into effect, stating that owners of mixed-breed dogs will receive high fines if their dogs are found not to be neutered, chipped and registered. According to a recent survey, conducted by the opinion research institute Mercury Research, 50 percent of Romanians, which equals to about 10 million people, own at least one dog. But only 26 percent of them are willing to neuter, chip and register their dogs. In rural areas the majority of households has a dog (82 percent). This means that especially in the countryside and among poorer classes of the population dogs could be abandoned en masse, which would lead to an abrupt increase in the stray dog population.

Ban of killings since June 2014

Despite the decision of the courts banning the methodology of the killing law in June 2014, many cities, Bucharest among them, continue rounding up and killing stray dogs illegally. In Bucharest alone more than 16,000 stray dogs have been killed by the City, 8,000 of them illegally.