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Lucky Shah – The Little Shepherd With Nine Lives


© FOUR PAWS | Livia Cimpoeru

The sad fate of a dog

Little Shah was only four months old when he found out what humans are capable of; the little shepherd was thrown over a four meter fence by his irresponsible owner who wanted to get rid of him. The harsh landing was very painful and left him with a disability to his back paws. Fortunately, he could be brought to the FOUR PAWS clinic in Bucharest, where the vets were able to give him a first treatment. However, a peaceful recovery was still not in sight; on 21st March, the Bucharest city hall catchers abusively broke the post-operating paddocks of the FOUR PAWS clinic in 6th District of Bucharest and illegally took eighteen dogs from inside.

© FOUR PAWS | Livia Cimpoeru

Lucky under the circumstances

Shah was incredibly lucky: He wouldn’t have any chance of survival if caught by the city hall catchers. But he was saved by an animal lover who managed to rescue him and a few other dogs from the brutal clubs of the catchers. Unfortunately, not all of the dogs got off that easy: Some of them died or were injured badly because of the brutal handling.


Soon Shah will be taken to a bones specialist at Ortovet clinic in Bucharest where he will be subdued to a detailed medical investigation. After his recovery, the FOUR PAWS team in Bucharest will look for a new home for him. In spite of his bad experiences, Shah is still trustful in people.

© FOUR PAWS | Livia Cimpoeru

World Stray Animals Day

Shah is not an isolated case. Over the recent months several cases of maliciously abused dogs happened. On the World Stray Animals Day we again want to draw attention to the uncertain fate concerning hundreds of thousands of stray dogs in Romania. They do not only lead miserable lives on the streets, they are also exposed to hostile and violent civilians and authorities. Until now, more than 45,000 have signed our online protest, among them are German rock band ‘Donots’, German actors Thimothy Pietsch, Martin Semmelroggeand Jumbo Schreiner, Canadian actor Roger Cross, German actresses Katerina Jacob, Anja Kruse, Nicola Tiggeler and Ellen Schwiers and Austrian comedian Andrea Händler.

© FOUR PAWS | Livia Cimpoeru

The whole FOUR PAWS team will continue to do it’s utmost to stop the abuse and killing of the strays in this country and help to employ a sustainable solution for both humans and strays. We ask all dog lovers, who haven’t already joined the online protest, to support us: