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Help us stop the pet deception online!


It’s getting more and more common to buy pets online via classified ads sites. No matter, if you are seeking a puppy, a kitten, a rabbit or a even a horse. The worldwide online trade of animals is booming. However, poor regulations have allowed many classified ads sites to become a haven for deception and animal suffering. This is a major problem, as many sites fail to implement sufficient rules for protecting animals sold online, as well as the people looking to acquire for a pet. It’s in the hands of global companies such as eBay who own 11 classified ad site brands around the world (including Gumtree), to change that and lead the way.

Update, 2017/09/20

We are currently re-structuring the Pet Deception website. Soon, we will have a new tool available to support our efforts in protecting pets and people online!


We would also like to inform you that we are continuing our dialogue with eBay and other classified ad sites. We shall keep you updated as to how the negotiations develop, through our social media platforms.


*For operators of classified ad sites: if improvements on your site were implemented please get in touch with your FOUR PAWS’s contact person or contact us via .