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What we want and how you can help us achieve it:

  • An EU-wide legally binding regulation for the registration, vaccination and identification of all dogs by microchip. Responsible breeders could then be identified and health risks for animals and humans could be reduced.
  • Until the EU-wide regulation can be implemented, an immediate strategy to identify and register all dogs should be implemented by each EU member state at national level. This should include microchip registration and a public registry. In addition, a basic level of healthcare for dogs should be implemented.
  • Legal standards for breeding and keeping dogs should be implemented in all member states – including a basic training for dog owners.
  • As an immediate measure, we demand the responsible EU authorities implement stronger controls for the breeding, transport and trade of puppies. Illegal activities need to be punished appropriately.

What you can do

  • Never buy a dog on the street, at markets while on holiday
  • We strongly recommend not to buy pets via social media or online platforms
  • Never buy a puppy out of pity! If you do, you become partially responsible for more puppies being bred.
  • If you are sure you want a dog, visit an animal shelter! These shelters contain many dogs, including pedigree dogs, which require a new home.
  • If you suspect you have come into contact with a questionable trader, inform your vet or the local authorities.
  • Talk to your friends and family about this cruel business and warn them against making such a purchase!