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What we want and how you can help us achieve it:

FOUR PAWS is fundamentally opposed to the killing of fur-bearing animals for their fur. The breeding of fur-bearing animals as well as the setting of traps to produce luxury items or items of clothing are against ethical animal welfare.

FOUR PAWS therefore campaigns for a long-term ban on the keeping of fur-bearing animals and a Europe-wide ban on the import and trade of fur and fur products.

© FOUR PAWS | Fred Dott

We hope to achieve the following developments on the path to our long-term goal of a Europe free from fur farms and fur clothing:


  • At national level, FOUR PAWS is campaigning for legal bans or, at the very least, serious restrictions.
  • FOUR PAWS demands a legally mandated labelling system, which clearly states what species of animal was used, where the animal came from and what the keeping conditions were. According to a survey from April of 2007, 90 percent of Germans support this demand. 
  • FOUR PAWS demands binding regulations on national and European levels which define permissible levels of poisonous traces in fur products, and mandate related controls.

What you can do

  • Do not buy fur products or items of clothing with fur trim!
  • When purchasing toys for children or pets, make sure they do not contain real fur.
  • Discuss the cruel conditions in the keeping of fur-bearing animals with friends or acquaintances who wear fur, and make a complaint to shops which still sell fur products.
  • Support FOUR PAWS and our activities against the cruelty of keeping fur-bearing animals.